"For an Edge Sharper Than New!"

New Edge Sharpening strives to give you a finished Edge Sharper than New! Over the past 25 years my wife, (Paula) and I have achieved a sharper edge than ever. I use one or up to 5 different machines on scissors. I have three different, "Twice As Sharp" Machines. A Right Handed, Left Handed and a OOKAMI GOLD for the very high end scissors. I use 1 or up to 3 different machine and hones for clipper blades. I even have a 16 inch hone with super fine grit for nothing but the Ceramic Blades. And then for Knives, I start with a very fine grit on a 30 inch belt sander by Foley that also has a 10 inch Hone. That's only the beginning, I then move to a Paper Grinder for an Edge that will shave the hair right off your arm. I have spent my life striving to reach the highest percentage of return customers ever heard of. How? By giving you more than anyone else.


Business Info

Name Glenn & Paula Romberger
Street 119 Woodlands Dr
City, St, Zip Jackson, GA 30233
Email glenn@georgiasharpening.com
Phone 863-738-3329
Website GeorgiaSharpening.com

2016 Upcoming Shows and Events

August 17th-20th

  • Greensboro North Carolina dog show

    Greensboro, NC

August 25th-28th

  • Atlanta Dog Show

    Atlanta, GA

September 1st-5th

  • Biloxi Dog Show

    Biloxi, MS

September 15th-18th

  • Jackson Dog Show

    Jackson, MS

September 23rd-25th

  • Volusia Kennel Club

    Deland, FL

October 1st & 2nd

  • Jacksonville/Ocala dog show

    Ocala, FL

October 20th-23rd

  • Atlanta Dog Show

    Atlanta, GA

October 28th-30th

  • Fun in the Sun 2016

    Orlando, FL

November 10th-13th

  • Decatur Dog Show

    Decatur, AL

November 16th-20th

  • Ocala Dog Show

    Ocala, FL

December 12th-16th

  • AKC Nationals

    Orlando, FL

January 9th-22nd, 2017

  • Florida Classic

    Brooksville, FL

Sharpening Services Offered

Scissors, Clippers and Shears Pricing

Clipper Blades, A-5 Style$6.50
    10 or More$6.00
Ceramic Blades$13.50 / $8.50
5 in 1 Blades$13.50 / $8.50
T-Blades, Trimmers and Edgers with Blade on Clipper7.50
Salon Shears, Convex, Curve, Thinning, or Texture$20.00
Pinking Shears$12.00
Bevel Shears$12.00
Knife Edge Scissors 50/20$10.00
Fabric Scissors$7.50

Knife Sharpening Prices


Clipper Cleaning

Lube and Tune-Up$19.95
Oster Lube and Tune Up$24.95
Clipper RepairsBy Quote

Contact Info

119 Woodlands Dr. | Jackson GA 30233

Email: glenn@georgiasharpening.com
Phone: 863-738-3329
Website: georgiasharpening.com

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